Josh Herman Ceramics has a new home!

In February we moved out of our Little Italy location and into a super cool building in the Barrio Logan neighborhood of San Diego. We were negotiating a new lease to stay on Union Street but the owner got an offer she could not refuse and sold the property to a local developer. He proceeded to demolish the building and is in the process of making himself a parking lot. I’m serious. A parking lot. And a beautiful warehouse from the 1950’s -poof- gone.
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News & Press

Several of Josh Herman’s pieces were featured in House Beautiful, The Getty Store’s “The Last Days Of Pompeii” and have been commissioned by top designers for celebrity clients and hotel resort properties; others can be found in art studios and private collections worldwide.

Josh has been featured in various publications, exhibitions and luxury decor stores.

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A quick check in

When I first set up this blog, I intended to post on a regular basis. Little did I know that I would get swamped in the studio! Not only have I had several deadlines to meet but I have had several things happen that have demanded my time. Those include, a house skunking, mice in the house, my wife getting sick for almost 3 weeks and then my son getting roseola virus (a fever followed by rash all over his body).

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Getting ready for Exhibitions

I had better get my clay cloths ready to go because I am going wearing the work stuff exclusively for the next 8 weeks. I have a solo exhibition at Spacecraft gallery in North Park, San Diego. Spacecraft is about 800 square feet divided into 2 rooms.

Then I also have the official Jett Gallery opening on November 7th. I currently have 2 3 foot sculptures in Jett. Joey Viasuso, the owner of Jett Gallery, has asked me to make a floor piece for that opening.

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My First Blog Post

I am thrilled to be writing my first post on my brand new blog page! I have just set it up and I am starting to explore all of the blogging possibilities.

My intention is to use the blog as a vehicle for documenting my relationship to my ceramic process. I want to be very organic with how the blog unfolds but I do have some initial ideas of what I want to post.

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