A quick check in

When I first set up this blog, I intended to post on a regular basis. Little did I know that I would get swamped in the studio! Not only have I had several deadlines to meet but I have had several things happen that have demanded my time. Those include, a house skunking, mice in the house, my wife getting sick for almost 3 weeks and then my son getting roseola virus (a fever followed by rash all over his body).

So it has been quite a whirlwind here. Trying to manage being a dad, a husband and being an artist has never been more challenging. But in the midst of the chaos I have been able to put out a bunch of work. I placed a 6 foot sculpture called ‘Stacked Form’ into Jett Gallery. I also filled some commissions and now I am working on several pieces for a solo exhibition at ‘Spacecraft’ gallery here in North Park, San Diego.

I hope to post some photos of the recent work soon.