Getting ready for Exhibitions

I had better get my clay cloths ready to go because I am going wearing the work stuff exclusively for the next 8 weeks. I have a solo exhibition at Spacecraft gallery in North Park, San Diego. Spacecraft is about 800 square feet divided into 2 rooms.

Then I also have the official Jett Gallery opening on November 7th. I currently have 2 3 foot sculptures in Jett. Joey Viasuso, the owner of Jett Gallery, has asked me to make a floor piece for that opening.

Those 2 shows alone will be a push to get done. I also have commissions to complete and retailers to resupply. The retail stores primarily carry the pottery line and some small sculptures. I am very happy to be making larger sculptures. They are more difficult to do for many reasons. One is simply the time they take to build and fire. I will need to work fast and efficiently to meet the deadlines…

For me, time pressure is a good thing. I forces me to move forward. I can not dwell in a indecisive place. With a deadline, the fear of creative failure blurs into the background of the activity of working. Its a good thing.

I have taken the past few days to think about what I want to make for the shows and I have some good solid options. I started 2 potentially 8 foot sculptures this morning. I figure, it is going to take me approximately 3 weeks to complete the construction of them both. They are going to be stacked forms. I see using 4 2 foot sections for each. I am very excited to immerse myself into theses pieces.

I also loaded my new smaller kiln with a few glazes tests, a large bowl and a thrown bottle. I have my fingers crossed that it will turn out well. Then I can go on and complete a rather large commission. The glazes are so finicky and I am still learning about using them. I am still working on getting my white glaze just perfect. I have improved my Tangerine, Red and Turquoise glazes.

In the midst of all the busyness I hope to keep making posts about my process with the preparations for the shows.