Josh Herman Ceramics has a new home!

In February we moved out of our Little Italy location and into a super cool building in the Barrio Logan neighborhood of San Diego. We were negotiating a new lease to stay on Union Street but the owner got an offer she could not refuse and sold the property to a local developer. He proceeded to demolish the building and is in the process of making himself a parking lot. I’m serious. A parking lot. And a beautiful warehouse from the 1950’s -poof- gone.

We were forced to scramble with we only had 3 months to find a new location. As luck would have it, we stumbled across a property that I had seen 4 years ago. I thought it was a great building but was hesitant to the idea of change.

Lemons into lemonade, I took a big gulp of the lemonade and signed on the dotted line.

Here are the specs…The building was built in the 1940′s and for most of its life was an automotive shop. A woodworker owned it in the 1990′s and renovated the warehouse rather extensively. It’s about 4000 sq feet in total. The ceilings are 24 feet high, there is a 1500 sq foot gated yard for big kilns and production work, a gated parking for 6 and a super unique rental apartment. Overall, it is a great building. And the Barrio Logan is a fantastic area. Many artists are moving there, the predominantly Mexican population is friendly and genuine. I’ve spent time these past few months establishing relationships with the long-standing neighbor and find there is a lot of history and soul in the neighborhood. I love the cultural diversity and the tacos are awesome!

This turned out to be a fantastic decision. The property is really perfect home for Josh Herman Ceramics. This week we are starting to set up all of the gear that has been in storage while we waited for the outside area to be ready. I am hoping we can be completely set up next week and by the second half of May, the production studio up and running after a 3 month pause.

I’m trying to figure out the paint for the exterior. Stay tuned for more photos. And as you know, I love visitors, so come on by!