My First Blog Post

I am thrilled to be writing my first post on my brand new blog page! I have just set it up and I am starting to explore all of the blogging possibilities.

My intention is to use the blog as a vehicle for documenting my relationship to my ceramic process. I want to be very organic with how the blog unfolds but I do have some initial ideas of what I want to post.

I want to use the blog as a ceramics journal. I hope to make written posts of all aspects of my involvement in clay. Since ceramics is such a process driven activity, my writing topics should be quite varied. I will post photos of work, me and anything that I feel is related to clay.

Right now I am working to complete a commission of eight pieces of pottery. I want to get it done because I have a solo exhibition coming up in December and a group exhibition in October at Jett Gallery. My plan is to do a large floor piece for Jett. The big problem with that is that I have a smallish kiln and a large piece will require construction in several sections. The more sections, the more firings, the longer the process takes.

For example, a 5 section piece with one section filling the entire kiln will take 10 firings,
5 bisques and 5 glaze firings which is at least 10 days. And then if something goes wrong, the whole thing is down the tubes. As you can imagine, given a limited time frame, this causes some stress.

So I am really going to need to buckle down and get some work done. The first thing is that I have to come up with an idea for what I am going to make. This is always quite edgy for me as I am doing abstract work. I always come up with ideas, but it can take some time to come up with something suitable.

Tomorrow I will finish construction of the commission work, fire my new test kiln for the first time and do some glaze mixing. It should be a fun day.